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Diverse Learning Environments

Boy Playing with Abacus


Focusing on the three prime areas of the revised framework: Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language, and Physical Development.

We see a smooth transition from home to school as crucial, and in response to this, we make sure that your child has a ‘welcoming class team’ with whom they can develop secure relationships. The role of the class teacher is to provide a direct link between school and home and is the first point of contact for parents; however, parents are also welcome to approach any member of the Toddlers team.

Children in Toddlers will be involved in a range of activities aimed at providing them with opportunities to explore and discover at their own pace, using all their senses. They will be given support and encouragement from our highly experienced and trained team who are all experts in planning appropriate and purposeful play activities for young children. Topics covered include introducing basic concepts such as colours, shapes, animals, and other areas in which children show an interest.

Children will be encouraged to develop independence through establishing routines, such as snack time and playtime.

We believe that fortifying a child’s home language is vital for them to develop confidence in all aspects of their learning. As an international nursery, we encourage children to speak English in school by providing a language-rich environment. Children will begin their journey into acquiring English as an additional language through listening rather than speaking at this stage. The activities used to support both the home language and the acquisition of English includes role-play, storytelling, and music.



Our purpose-built facilities provide ample opportunities and resources for our young students to explore their own ideas, creativity and the world around them by providing educational guidance and direction in a wholesome environment overseen by highly experienced and qualified teachers.


Our programme uses ideas and methods that have been adopted by such progressive educators as Maria Montessori, Te Whariki and Reggio Emilia. This is in addition to the EYFS.

We believe that every child is unique and fully capable of learning when the concept of education is presented in a nurturing atmosphere of acceptance and support. By providing this safe and comfortable atmosphere, we enable children to reach out, ask questions and explore the world and their own ideas with confidence. 

By conducting our programmes within the framework of the EYFS and Montessori, we ensure that every child is well-prepared to continue their formal education once they have progressed beyond the programmes we offer. 

Children who have been enrolled in Laurel Kidz preschool programme gain a well-rounded foundational and developmental education that provides them with the means to discover their passions and continue their education with a sense of direction. 

In the Playground
an indian baby boy engaged with a bead puzzle toy, developmental activity milestone concep


In K-1, children continue to follow the Montessori and EYFS with equal emphasis given to all seven areas of learning. We also continue the thematic approach to planning with the children’s interests being at the forefront of all classroom activities.

At this stage, the children are introduced to daily Literacy and Numeracy sessions where they begin to experience a little more structure and formality to the day. During the Literacy sessions, children will be introduced to the phonics programme, Letters and Sounds.

As with Toddlers and Nursery, the children will have a ‘welcoming class team’ who will help them settle in and provide a close link between school and home.

Transitions continue to be an essential part of the school year, and all our children will receive support to make the transition from Nursery to K-1. This will include visiting their new classroom and meeting the team in K-1 before the end of the Nursery year.

K -2

The K-2 program gives exposure to ICT program along with focus on Language and Math skills, this program is designed to give children a strong foundation in the skills and academic excellence that will be needed to enter regular school.

The program helps develop physical, personal, social, emotional skills; literature and language skills; logical-mathematical skills; creative and expressive skills; and knowledge and understanding of the world. Our curriculum’s approach allows each child to explore reading, math, science, music, movement and field trips to meet our five frameworks of learning.

We value teacher facilitated and child oriented curriculum with sequential instruction to ensure that children are prepared for the adventure of having a lifelong love for learning. Our K-2 program is aligned with State, CBSE, ICSE and IB school standards, so that children will be prepared to confidently enter first grade.

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