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Fun & Creativity


Art is a natural activity to support this free play in children. The freedom to manipulate different materials in an organic and unstructured way allows for exploration and experimentation. These artistic endeavors and self-directed explorations are not only fun, but educational as well. Art allows youth to practice a wide range of skills that are useful not only for life, but also for learning.


Our program utilizes music and play-filled activity to help children learn and practice skills for social-emotional development, language, and literacy. It includes engaging songs, picture books, music videos to teach young children important skills for early learning and kindergarten readiness.


Children learn by experiencing their world using all of their senses. The restriction of movement, especially at a young age, impedes the experiential learning process. This kind of experiential learning, in which children acquire knowledge by doing and via reflection on their experiences, is full of movement, imagination, and self-directed play.


Phonics provide a reading foundation based on the letters and sounds of the alphabet. Phonics approach teaches to decode words by sounds, rather than recognising whole words


The program provides an opportunity to discover mathematics by doing it. Math activities help visualise, manipulate, reason out and understand concepts. The hands-on, first-hand experience helps to understand abstract math concepts through concrete objects and repeated experience

Outside Play

Playing outside gives the chance to explore the natural environment and have adventures. Children at LaurelKidz can play games, test their physical limits, express themselves and build their self-confidence in our generous 2000 sqft garden.  

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